Strategic Plan

Blessed Sacrament School, in cooperation with the other Springfield Catholic elementary schools, participated in the formation of a strategic plan for elementary Catholic education in Springfield in 2007. This five-year strategic plan (2007-2012) was developed around a cooperative mission statement and vision statement for Catholic elementary education in the Springfield community. Ultimately, four common areas were identified: academics, enrollment, finances and marketing. An operational plan was then developed for five years under each of those four areas.

The schools worked together over the course of the past five years to implement, review and revise the operational plans for each category. A primary goal of this collaborative process is to strengthen and further enhance Catholic education in the Springfield community and insure its accessibility, availability, and affordability for years to come. Additionally, this strategic plan is a "living document" which strengthens collaboration among parish schools and provides guidance for future collaborative endeavors.

Currently, the Springfield Catholic elementary schools are engaged in the process of updating and revising the collaborative strategic plan for the coming years. It is expected to be in place for the 2013-2014 school year.

pdfStrategic Plan 2007 – 2012