We use the FACTS program to assist us in developing and managing our tuition assistance program. FACTS provides an objective family financial analysis that determines in a fair, impartial, and consistent manner the ability of a family to pay for a Catholic education at BSS. Families interested in tuition assistance will complete an application called the “Student Aid Form” to provide information regarding their financial status. (Families who have completed an application at SHG do NOT need to complete another application.) There is an application fee that is paid by the family to FACTS.

By applying a formula that has been especially designed for families with children attending private and independent elementary and secondary schools, FACTS will calculate an “ability to pay” figure based on a combination of family size, assets, income, and expenses.

Blessed Sacrament School administration will use the prepared analysis from FACTS to determine a family’s eligibility for tuition assistance. This review and analysis is objective, consistent and confidential.

Any tuition grant given to a family comes from the parish or from people or institutions who give money to Blessed Sacrament School or Parish. It does not come from the diocese or from FACTS.

Families who apply by the end of March will receive a letter by the end of May indicating whether aid has been granted.

Tuition Assistance Application